The English Tea Bag

A free and creative blend of works

Short lived

He composed verses with words

like who builds sand castles

and possibly for the same purpose.


Tuesday afternoon

Tuesday afternoon, then, I didn´t know what expected to me around the corner.

A thousand miles inside my brain

A stellar explosion illuminates a distant galaxy and reveals their existence inside my brain.

Reading the news

Reading the newspaper I see so many wars, horrors, misfortunes and so on…  that only last the time to turn the page. As if nothing had happened, then there are the sports, the weather forecast, television programs … And the whole misery forgotten until tomorrow. But tomorrow won´t exists for everybody. Now, we all are very calm, as if everything had faded to finish reading the newspaper.


Whatever they say about you, that fact must no longer interest you, the sooner the better you should create around yourself an aura of mystery and distance that allows you to islolate from the others to the extent that suits you. That can only be to your benefit.

Me Myself & I

How´s possible the same person may be three different people?


Me, myself and I.

Sort of a Holy Trinity but in human version.


Quite irrelevant but interesting and singular experience,

one day I think and behave in a different way than tomorrow or after.

¡Being the same person!

Sort of Cerbero. Three indomitable heads for a beaten dog body.


Three diferent personalities, pretending to be a single individual.

But nevertheless. I  completely agree and assume it.


Me. Myself and I.

That´s all i got at the end of a long life.

The Playmobil and God

He always thought he was living the greatest adventures and risks, he did not realize that it wasn´t sailing through real oceans, but by a quiet garden pond, nor lived in an exotic and mysterious island, but in a chunk of plastic lively colored, his enemies were not so fierce,  the wild beasts not so savages, the weapons that fired were harmless.  He never assumed the fact that it was not human but a Playmobil  in the hands of a child  or a toy in the  God´s hand.

But God forgot  that He created  even toys with a touch of humanity.

Postcard from the farther shore of Rubicon II

A very frequently  lived experience. When you fail in something, you always try to blame someone else for your incompetence.

Clockwise in reverse

One day I woke up

And saw the watch needles turning in reverse.

I was aware  the countdown had begun

and understood that time was running, flying.

-I said to heaven: “not yet!”

“I have the Whole work to do, everything for demonstrate”.

After a a broad pause…

– I said to myself:

“No. Really, there´s nothing left to prove”.

Finally I let the needles continue spinning counterclockwise.


I prayed: “Set me free”.

– The future finally arrived and along with it, would come the wisdom and sadness. The wisdom to know that ultimately you are alone with yourself; and the sadness of knowing that everything you worked for, finally was in vain; that at the end, nothing would last;  not even what you thought solid forever.

– So, now than I am aware,

– Please, Set me free.